Bottle Green Footless Tights

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Smart & Sleek
simple and elegant.
These tights are perfect for everyday wear. In the workplace and in your day to day life, you are the queen of confidence. With these Tights, it shows.
Nika’s signature fabric will bend and stretch with you.
Say goodbye to the runs and ladders of standard tights.


NIKA UNIQUE FABRIC is unique for Tights.
It's breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate
and preventing sweat from clinging to your skin.
This prevents itching and skin irritation which is so familiar with other Tights.
Temperature Moderating,
Runs and Ladder (tare) Resistant

Fabric & Care

Fabric Thickness - 40 Din
Fabric Composition: 93% Polyamide 7% Elastane
Runs and Ladder (tare) Resistant

How To Wash Your Tights? ❤
Machine wash at 30 ° C without squeezing. A dryer machine is not allowed. Dry cleaning is not permitted. No ironing.


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Bottle Green Footless Tights