Who we are

Nika Unbreakable like you
Nika started as a small modest clothing store in a town near Haifa in Israel. It’s patrons were women who needed durable yet fashionable clothing. Over the years it became a household name of the Israeli fashion industry. Israel is a country built by strong women. Its had one of the world's first female heads of state, nearly all of its women are military veterans. They work, they build, they fight. Although Nika is now an international firm, those values are deeply embedded in its mission.

Launched in 2019, for the world to access is products’ delicate beauty and its dependable fabric. But Nika’s vision is that of strong durable clothing for strong, confident women. It’s a vision that is shared by women worldwide. It’s a message that Nika wil l extoll to its audience with pride and confidence. Strong fabric, strong women. Nika - Unbreakable like you